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Bac 2 Basics Accounting Limited are founded by 2 Directors with joint accounting and commerce experience of over 60 years. We specialise in maximising the 'take home' pay of business people and the continuity of business in adverse times by working alongside you and your business. 

We are based in Purley on Thames in Reading, Berkshire but we work with many clients in our surrounding areas: Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

We are not just professional accountants but business growth specialists too. We are forward thinking experts at dealing with businesses in all industries from manufacturing to trades and shops to restaurants. We work with contractors, nurseries, professional services and farms. We cover every type of small to medium sized business no matter what industry you are in.

A great thing too is that we speak your language and won’t bamboozle you with accountancy jargon. We want our clients to understand their numbers so we take the time to explain them to you so that everything makes sense. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and professional.

We believe in quality. We may not be the cheapest accountants in our area but we can guarantee that overall we can make you the most savings.

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